Frequently asked questions for becoming beta tester

When I go to download link, I am asked to become a beta tester, why do I need to be a beta tester?
Currently media apps distribution is restricted and available only to those who subscribe through beta testing program. As beta tester, you become part of app's development. Your participation and feedback is received by Jio Team to make continuous improvements in app.
When I signup as beta tester following on-screen instructions, click on the download link, it gives me an error "Item Not Found"?
As you know Applications are available under beta testing program, only to those who register. This error may be found if you are trying to download using a URL without becoming a beta tester. Another scenario is, when user account configured in android is not the same as that used while signing for beta testing.

From Android Settings -> Accounts, a user has account e.g.

From jiostore apps page, user is taken to a beta program URL, which opens it in mobile native browser. Here User is asked to login once again. In this case, user must login using same user account as above e.g. (just for example sake, it should be replaced by your actual Gmail account ID.)

If it happens to be some other account or there are more than one account, it may lead to an error "Item not found", when you move forward to download app

Please follow these steps to fix this issue (Refer snapshots below):

  1. Ensure that Android Settings -> Accounts, there) is only one user login account and note it down.
  2. From browser goto, ensure that there is only one user login account. To do this click on top right corner and check.
  3. If there are multiple user logins in browser, remove them. Or login with the login account configured in the phone accounts (ref step a.)
  4. Kill the browser and restart with the given URL for beta tester of an app.

After becoming a beta tester, user shall be able to browse this app explicitly from Google PlayStore. From there, one can install / re-install the beta app.